Week in the Life | Two

English 202 // 03

I sat, with my la Croix, on the sidewalk in the middle of a big, bustling city. The sunlight sifted its way through the tree leaves and onto the pavement. I greeted people, I said hello, and I worked until work was done.
That was my Sunday…
M O N D A Y 

I just love how the tiniest things people say can make a difference, how they can make someone smile. There were a lot of those little moments for me today. Moments where someone took the liberty to say something, and it made me smile. And just because of that, it made it a good day.
T U E S D A Y 

I woke up to the sunlight slicing through my window and on my white sheets. The light was golden, the mark of an early morning. I put my hand up in the air, filtering it through the dark, the slice of light, and then back into the dark. Light can penetrate through the darkness, but darkness can’t penetrate through the light. 
I think. I wonder. 
It’s an interesting thing…

W E D N E S D A Y 
Me and my friend.
 We were just two busy bees, 
sitting in a Starbucks 
that smelled like heavenly coffee beans.
 I think this is how 
Wednesday nights are supposed to be.

T H U R S D A Y 

Favorite Smell of the Day:
Tea Steeping and pastries baking.

Addiction of the Day:
Sleep and chocolate.

The Last Thing Googled of the Day:
Weather in Paris.

It’s the last day of September. 
I feel like playing Wake Me Up When September Ends on my drive home. 
Dring high school, my best friend used to always call me at 11:59pm on Septemeber 30th,
hoping I’d wake up, then start playing that song through the phone. He’d laugh and I’d laugh. Then we’d fall back asleep, exhausted and thankful for Green Day writing that song.
Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone to do that with me anymore.
But I have good memories.


Today was a day for:
An early morning. A venti vanilla latte. Forgetting my wallet at home and having to turn around to get it. Drives through heavy traffic. Lots of people, food, and laughs. Surprising my mom and seeing her cry (good tears). And crashing into bed at the end of the day, exhausted but slightly happy this crazy week is over.

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