November Haze

I’m living in a November haze. This month has been light and warm, the breeze soft on my skin and light as it blows through my hair.

I often worry about if people like me or if they think way too much or way too little. I worry about if I am good enough. I worry and worry until the knot in my stomach get tight.

But then I see the wind blow the leaves onto the air like gold foil confetti and I breath. All is well in the November haze.

Get after grateful – Oct. 27, 2022

I went to an event this evening in my community. It was a small group of people and we talked about a common passion and interest between us all. 

I am grateful for the ability to listen and learn new things, to meet new people in my community who share a similar interest with me, and to feel a burst of inspiration for a passion project I’ve been slowly working on.