Get after grateful – October 22, 2022

I am grateful for the neighborhood cat that lives outside my apartment because it lets me take care of it.

I am grateful for Saturday afternoon walks with my love.

I am grateful for pumpkin bread baking in the oven because it makes the kitchen smell like the warmth of cinnamon and nutmeg.

I am grateful for big porches with pretty views.

Get after grateful – Oct. 21, 2022

I am grateful for a sunny day off of work because it gives me time for much needed rest.

I am grateful that my mom and I share a birthday because it’s something we can always share no matter how much life changes. 

I am grateful for a small bottle of CoCo Channel perfume that my mom gifted me years ago which I only use for special occasions because it makes the whole day feel special. 

I am grateful for these gorgeous trees in the town I live in. Like really… aren’t they just magical?

Get after grateful – Oct. 15, 2022

I began a gratitude practice over the last two weeks where I write three things I am grateful for each day. It has only been about 14 days, but what blows me away is the shift from feeling disconnected and tired to open and awake. I thought that I would start recording them here in an effort to spread gratitude and maybe find some connections. Here goes nothing:

I am grateful for the swirling clouds and the sparrows that spread their wings against the sky full of swirling clouds.

I am grateful to look across the room and see my Love reading a book because although we are not talking, the presents of him here is strong and comforting.

I am grateful for time to write today. I wrote 1,500 words messy words that are like a ball of tangled yarn, but they are out of my head and on to the page.

Get After Grateful

The days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting colder. The sun still has its ways of saying hello.

It comes up at an angle near the southeast in the mornings like it’s peaking in and saying hello to every nook and cranny the beams find their way to. The light even makes its way into my apartment on the bottom floor of my complex — where I’m burrowed and cozie halfway underground.

The sunlight likes to stretch across my kitchen island. When this photo was taken, I wondered how blessed I am to feel this warmth, see this light, and be here.

I made myself pour-over. I cut a pear for breakfast and used a little bit of whipped chocolate honey on the side. I felt grounded and grateful.

It’s one week until Thanksgiving.

I have to work all the way up until Thanksgiving day. Instead of taking the entire day before to do all the cooking, I’m going to take the evenings to cook several dishes for my family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

I don’t know how it has already gotten this late in the year. I felt like it was just 80 degrees outside, and I was sweating through my shirts. Part of me doesn’t feel ready for the holidays, but here they are, coming upon us as quick as ever. So I’m embracing it.

I’m not always good at practicing gratitude. My mind tends to naturally fixate on the things I want or don’t have instead of the things I do. But to combat this natural instinct, here are a few things I’m grateful for.

The morning this photo above was taken.

Crips leaves and the smell of a bonfire.

Being a daughter and a sister.

A lover who is like no other.

Roasted chicken.

Green sweaters.

Purple nails.

Ginger lemon honey tea.

The view of serious the dog star from my kitchen window.

A fridge full of food.

Coffee with eggnog.

The Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack.

Having my own kitchen this year. (Something I’ve been wanting for a long time coming.)

Writing for a living.

Making pasta from scratch.

What are you grateful for?