Hello, my name is Megan Elaine.

When I was a kid, around the age of four, I remember always being at my grandma’s house, playing with Barbies or watching Disney movies on VHS in her living room. I probably built a fort of some kind in the living room—made out of pillows, blankets, and a card table. One day, when my mom came to pick me up, she brought with her a little silver sparkly journal that came with a lock and key. I fell in love with it.

This was my first journal; this was when my love for writing was planted into the ground as a seed (also, my fondness for stationary). I brought that journal everywhere, at first there were just scribbles in it, but soon scribbles turned into pictures and pictures turned into words. Now it sits on a shelf that also holds the twenty some other journals that I’ve had since then.

Although I’ve been writing for almost two decades, my passion for it has stayed the same. I write now because it’s the way I express myself and process the world around me. I write because I believe that certain stories need to be told, the stories of people, places, and things so others can hear them, connect with them, and learn from them. Life is wildly unpredictable and terrifyingly beautiful, I almost never know the steps that lie ahead of me, but I enjoy writing about the moments as I live through them.

I have just finished my bachelor’s degree at IUPUI. I studied English and drank way too much coffee over the course of four years. I am currently a freelance writer for several different publications, including the magazine in my home city, Indianapolis Monthly. I’m also working on a secret project that may or may not be a novel one day.  I love traveling and adventuring with my friends, even if it’s just down the street at the grocery store. 

This blog is a kind of collage of everything that filters through me. You can expect to find posts about food and recipes that are tried and true, books that I’ve read or am currently reading, clips of stories and poems that I’m working on, photos of my travels and nonfiction accounts of the people that I meet and places that I see, and personal essays about life, love, and living from a twenty-something trying to find her way in life. I hope you’re able to find stories of hope, grace, and adventure in the pages of this little internet space—that they will encourage you to see the blinding beauty in your own life.

M. Elaine