Current Reads

I’m that person who has a dozen+ books piled up on their bedside table or placed in a precarious stack that’s on the verge of falling over. These stacks of books are ones that I’ve read and am re-reading however, most of them are on my currently reading list. Even more of them are on my to-read list (and that’s the list that is constantly growing larger and larger). Although I might not be one that doesn’t start a book after she’s finished with the one she’s currently reading, I have finished a few good books lately that I’d love to share. I’ll also share the two books I currently have bookmarks in as well as some that are on the top of my to-read list.

Current Reads:

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The Immortalist – Chloe Benjamin

This book is a page-turner, no doubt. It’s a book with slightly unexpected character dynamics and a vast timeline, taking place over 40 years. Chloe does an excellent job of writing the bare bones of information needed while still using literary craft elements to create a colorful, lively plot that keeps the reader wondering what is going to happen next. I’m reading this book for a Book Club that is meeting in April, however, time allowing, I think I’ll be able to finish it in a matter of days.


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The Miniaturist – Jessie Burton

After reading the captivating whirlwind of The Muse (listed below) I decided to pick up Jessies first novel The Miniaturist. This was a very good decision. While it is a historical novel is set back in 1686, it does not have one inkling of dullness or nonrelatives to it. Jessie was able to bring the time period alive with a fascinating plot and complex characters that hide information from one another. Although I’m not finished with the story, I’m looking forward to seeing out it all turns out in the end.

Just Finished:

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The Muse – Jessie Burton

The Muse was the loveliest, book that concentrated on the world of art in 1930’s Spain and 1960’s London. When a long-lost art piece is reviled to the Skelton, a prestigious art gallery in London, the two female protagonists find themselves being intertwined with one another in the midst of love, war, and burning desire.

This book was a shocker more than anything to me. With its vivid images and colorful, eloquent language, I was in a trance. Heavily researched, Jessie brings alive London and Spain during a time of war and conflict while not expressing it a journalistic or information format. I kept this book close to my side while I was diving through its pages. I definitely recommended it to anyone who’s looking for a captivating read while craving for a literary edge.


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Trip Through Your Wires – Sarah Layden

This novel was actually written by one of my professors at IUPUI. I thought I’d pick it up and give it a read because how often does a professor have a book published? The novel takes place is G, Mexico and Indianapolis, Indiana. The narrative follows a woman C, who is struggling with grief and memory as she discovered how her boyfriend died in the streets of Mexico.

The prose in this novel are refined; the way Sarah depicts G Mexico with her prose makes it come alive, even if you’ve never visited the city yourself. If you’re looking for a love story coupled with a page-turner mystery, I’d definably recommend this book.

Next Up On The List:

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Commonwealth – Ann Patchett

People say don’t judge a book by its cover, however, I’m guilty as charged. I purely pick this book up because of the lovely oranges and green leaves that grace the soft, textured cover. Ann Patchett is an author whose work I truly admire, however, his book of her was just too pretty not to resist. I’ve actually already read the first chapter of the novel and I’m intrigued. I can’t wait to finish my current reads to be able to pick this one up and devour whole.


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Tornado Weather – Deborah E. Kennedy

I picked this book up yesterday at Half Price Book (see, I buy books without finishing the ones I already have). What intrigued me about this book was first off the author and second of all the cover. Deborah Kennedy is a Hoosier who resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Indiana is my home state and with just this tidbit of information from the back of the book, I felt an instant connection to the author. She also graduated from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, which is one of the oldest and most reputable Writer’s Workshops in the country. These few facts, plus the gorgeous cover that displays a large green feather that sprawls itself out over the hardback, made me want to give the novel a try. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.


What books are you currently reading? Do you have a stack of to-read books that are on the verge of tumbling over? I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these books as well as books you’re currently reading!

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