Hello — To The New And The Old

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I am always terrible at writing opening blog posts. Yet here I am, trudging through this first post like a champ.

Ha, not. In all honesty, I’ve tried to write this post for three days now and now I just need to get it out and down on the screen.

If you’re new to me and my writing, you should know that I used to blog at Selected Ampersand over on Blogger. However, I’m testing out this new space on WordPress. I started blogging back in 2014, my first blog was called The Dreamers Words, which I still have access to ironically (and I’m pretty sure you can still find out there on the internet somewhere). Back when I started blogging, My posts were short stories, poems, and thoughts on the things that I was learning or thinking about in that time of my life. To this day, I find myself writing about the same things. Sharing my creative writing while I couple it with essays on life and living. However, I’m sure not all the topics are going to be the same as what I wrote back in high school.

On this blog, you’ll probably find posts about food and recipes that are tried and true, books that I’ve read or am currently reading, stories and poems that I’m working on, photos of my travels and nonfiction accounts of the people that I meet and places that I see, and essays about life, love, and living from a twenty-something trying to find her way in life.

If you’re coming over to this blog from my previous blog on Blogger, I want to give you a huge THANK YOU! Thank you for clicking over to this new platform, for sticking with me. I know how change can be, especially if you’ve been going to the same website for the past several years. Rest assured that I have several new posts planned and ideas for this space that I’m ready to get a roll on.

So, to the new and the old — I just want to say thank you for clicking on the link that led to this little spot on the internet. Thank you for giving your time to reading this post and whatever else you might have happened to glance at or read on this blog of mine. I appreciate you and your time, readership, and thumbs that scrolled down the page to read these words. You can be sure that posts with genuine thought and content are to come.

M. Elaine

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