It’s Been A Minute

Wow, it’s been a minute.

I feel like my life has been a whirlwind and I’m just now getting my feet back on the ground. Within the past month, I’ve taken a 10-day trip down to the sunny state of Florida, did a complete clean out of all my old clothes and nick-nacks, started my summer classes, applied to the school I’m going to transfer to in the spring, among other messy things. But to be honest, I’ve missed this little blogging space. All I’ve wanted to do for the past month has been to sit down and write. So right now, I’m sitting in a Starbucks — sipping on a tall green tea — making the time to sit and focus on getting some words down on the page.

The only thing is, I’ve sat here for a good ten minutes and I’m stumped on what to write about. Writer’s block has gotten me good and I’m not quite sure how to break out of it. So I thought I’d ask you, my readers. What would you like to read on this little blog of mine? It’s time for me to make a regular commitment to writing again and I’d like to write posts you’d like to read.

Shoot me an email at or comment below. I’m looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

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