Life As I Know It

I haven’t written in awhile. The pull of insecurity and lack of words has left me stumped in front of the keyboard. What in the world would I write down, anyway? My life is crazier than you can imagine and hope for change in the near future is weak. Maybe I’m just being pessimistic. An optimistic point of view is something I’ve been in desperate need of. I think this wonderful Sunday afternoon might be helping it, however.
I should really be studying, or writing the paper that’s due at 11:59 pm tonight. But you only get these days of fresh air and the ability to open the windows and breath it in while you sit inside on the couch writing, once. Once as in, like once a week if you’re lucky. The weather can be bipolar. So I’m resisting the call of assignments due and instead, sitting in the sunlight, trying also, to resist the insecurity and lack of words that is my writing.


The tree outside in our neighbor’s yard is beautiful this time of year. The spring buds bloom into purple flowers. I wish the tree was in our yards so I could photograph it better. At least I’m able to look out at it when I drink my coffee in the morning.
The tulips are also in bloom, meaning it’s officially spring. The fact that Easter is next Sunday is crazy to me. It’s crazy how time flies by so fast. I have so many things to get done anymore, my to-do list is never ending, that I never have time to stop and smell the flowers. 


About half of the photos on my camera nowadays are of my pup, in all her glory. She likes to walk around the house and sneak our slippers or socks when she can find them. Once she has them in her grasp she likes to run all around the house until we catch her, which may take up to 15 to 20 minutes. She’s a fast runner and knows how to escape from sticky situations. Good for her, but it makes it harder on the person who is trying to get their shoe back.

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