three haikus

English 202 // 10

// to listen //

Green and yellow leaves
Water licks the rocky beach
Hues of poetry

Cold breeze blows through me
Light bloks underneath the trees
Full of poetry

Peace that gentally fall
down like autumn leaves, on me
Finding poetry.

2 thoughts on “three haikus

  1. You have an ora about you that is peaceful and one with nature. even the way you carry yourself it is like you are tip toeing across clouds like if you step too hard you will fall right through. I really like your original looking style. Some would say it is bland but the way you created and set up this blog I can see that it fits what type of person you are. I like how you are an older soul trapped in a youthful body because I am there too girl. I enjoyed all of your writing and I hope to see something you publish one day. I would probably guess poetry but it is your natural talent. Just do not make them sad poems. I like your subtly tranquil poems that make you feel like wind is blowing across your face. Your writing puts me in the scene which is hard to do. Well done! I hope you reply and we can talk more!!!


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