Something New

English 202 || 01 

I don’t write on this blog as much as I wish I could. Actually, I don’t write in general as much as I wish I could.  Life happens, plans change, people move or go away, schedules get filled, cars breakdown, friction turns into fire, due dates come way quicker than expected, and in the midst of it all, there is this tugging feeling deep down inside me that begs me to forget all the crazy things that happen, sit down, and write. I don’t normally listen to it. 

I want to change that, though. I want to try something new. Something that might help me balance life and this tug I’m always feeling, and I think I just might know what that something is. 
For the next few months, I’m going to do this thing that I call Week In The Life. Every day for the next 10 weeks or so, I’ll write in my journal about my day and all the crazy things that go on, whether in the form of poems, prose, short stories, lists, or something experimental. At the end of every week (I’ll be aiming for Saturday evenings) I’ll post what I’ve come up with here, to share with you. 
I’m hoping that this will allow me to take what life gives me and also listen to that tugging feeling down inside me and make something beautiful out of both of them. Who knows, it might even be something I continue to do. For right now, though, this is just a way for me to try and balance my life and writing. It will also be counted as part of my grade for the creative writing course I’m taking this semester. Killing two birds with one stone. 

So be on the lookout for the first Week In The Life post that’s coming up on the horizon. I’ll try to make it a good one.

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