Making: A painting.
Baking: Waffles in the morning.
Drinking: Iced passion tea.
Reading: After You.
Wasting: My sleeping hours.
Wishing: My room was clean.
Enjoying: The smell of fresh air. 
Waiting: Until the time is right.
Learning: To be a better friend. Loving and forgiving. 
Hoping: To find a new friend over the summer.
Loving: The deep green of the trees.
Marveling: That there is so much green in the town I live in this spring.
Needing: Time to rest.
Smelling: Honey coconut perfume 
Wearing: Gray and cream sweater, sage green cotton t-shirt, comfy grey workout pants. 
Noticing: How much our words affect people. 
Knowing: Our situations don’t say who we are, it’s the way we react to them that say’s who we are.
Thinking: About the novel I want to write.
Bookmarking: g. llewellyn blog 
Looking: Forward to June.
Listening: To Penny and Sparrow 

Feeling: Honestly? Fatigued, yet joyful. 

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