:: Series 52 ::

Sometimes I’m so afraid of failing that I never even start in the first place. 
The fear of failing miserably, not achieving my hopes or goals terrifies me. I want so badly to succeed that sometimes I don’t even start or try, in fear that I may lose motivation or that my efforts won’t turn out like I thought they would.
I have learned something though, something that I’m probably going to be working on for awhile. 
 You have to be brave enough to start, and know you’re probably going to fail. Or just know that it might not turn out like you hoped it would. 
 If you’re so afraid you’ll fail and mess up, that you don’t even start, then you’re already failing. You will never get anywhere other then where you already are. You have to find the courage to start and pursue your dream or goal anyway. 
Everyone fails in the beginning, it’s part of learning and growing. We all have this phase where are work isn’t any good. It disappoints us because we have this vision in our mind of what we want our work to be like yet, when we put our hands to work our efforts don’t meet our expectations. Our vision is still killer, but when we put forth our effort it doesn’t turn out anything like we hoped. It’s frustrating and sometimes you just want to quite, or not even start in the first place.  
This is the hump that I have to learn to get over. Starting anyway, keep going strong, even when my work sucks and I hate it. I have to stop being a stick in the mud and actually do something with myself. So with that being said, it’s nine days into the new year. The start of January is still fresh on our finger tips. And I’m starting a new project. 
Every week I’m going to capture a photo and accompany it with a poem or quote or story. Even through the business of school and work and life I’m determined to do it. Even if I fail or my work sucks in the beginning. Just bare with me. I have a vision of where I want to be and I’m determined to be brave and start, even through all the obstacles that will be in my path. I want to grow and experience something new. I don’t want to wait any longer and waist the time I have.
I don’t know what’s going to happen within the next 52 weeks ahead of me. I want to keep an open outlook and leave room for opportunity and growth. But I’m not going to be afraid anymore. I’m going to start.

// Series 52: Week 1 //

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