if i was, i’d be

if i was…
a month: october.
a day of the week: Thursday.
a planet: jupiter.
a sea animal: seahorse.
a piece of furniture: a bed with messy sheets.
a gemstone: amethyst.
a flower: peonie.
a kind of weather: rainy and cool with a slight breeze.
a color: marron
an emotion: softhearted.
a fruit: strawberries or peaches.
a sound: coffee dripping into a coffee mug early in the morning.
an element: oxygen.
a place: “this morning, with her him, having coffee.” (johnny cash)
a taste: a sip of black tea with a little creamer.
a scent: freshly baked bread.
an object: a leather bounded journal with inked pages.
a body part: collarbone.
a song: clair de lune by claude debussy.
a pair of shoes: no, barefoot.

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