Currently 10.6.15

Making: A wool scarf 

Baking: Pumpkin bread 

Drinking: Black tea with creamer and stevia
Reading: Mere Christianity 
Wanting: A 35mm camera
Wasting: Spare change 
Wishing: I was further in life than what I currently am
Enjoying: The fall air and the pumpkin spice lattes 
Waiting: For the 23rd 
Liking: My new leather journal 
Hoping: I can make it through this semester
Loving: How I can get up early, before anyone else it awake, and make tea and watch the morning slice through the fog. 
Marveling: How big this universe is and how small we are
Needing:  Time to think
Smelling: Home
Wearing: Oversized, light pink shirt, dark jeans, no makeup, and natural messy hair. 
Following: Creative, inspiringaesthetic people on Instagram 
Noticing: The leaves changing in the back yard. 
Knowing: He will guide me through
Thinking: About christianity and what it means to truly be a christian 

Looking: Out of a stained glass window

Feeling: Tired and worn but full of joy 

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