6 Things

6 Things I wish I was bold enough to say or do without having the other person look at me like I’m crazy:

#1: Carry my camera around with me everywhere I go. Take pictures of everything. People, places, food, buildings, busy streets, grocery stores. I want to go up to people and ask if I can take there photo. I want to document real, everyday life. Not just mine but others.

#2: Say to him: Can you just come over here, sit by the counter and drink a cup of coffee with me while we have a deep conversation about life. I’ll have pumpkin bread baking in the oven.

#3: You know those people who, when you see them, they just look distraught? They look tired, worn down, and in need of a good long exhale in a safe place. Whenever I see those kind of people, I just want to go up to them and asked them to put down what they’re doing, and come have coffee with me, where they can externally process what they are going through. I’d just listen and encourage and love. Sometimes all people need is a reaching hand to pull them back up to the surface.

#4: Telling someone you love them, or you’re praying for them, or you’ll be there for them. Especially to the people your not super close too. I think these phrases are used so lightly anymore that they don’t have the effect, the deep meaning behind them, like they used too. I want to say them and actually mean them, though. I want to say them with deep meaning, not shallowness.

#5: I want to talk strangers. In grocery aisle, check out lines, walking down city streets, or in cafes. Just going up to someone and starting a conversation, doesn’t matter what its about, can lead to so many interesting things. You can meet people you’d never thought you’d meet, learn things you’d never thought you’d learn.

#6: Be vulnerable. There is something about saying what’s really going on inside of you – being real and raw – that just makes a person so darn attractive. I wish I want afraid of showing my heart and soul more.

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