Cold Coffee

I always write best at night. For some reason the quietness of when everyone is asleep and the dim glow that comes from my christmas lights hanging on the wall cultivates the creativeness in me. Last night was especially good. I had Ed Sheeran playing softly in the background, I was wearing my soft brown cardigan, and I had the writerly vibes I get whenever I’m about to write something good. The song that was playing was called Cold Coffee, and while listening to it, I got an idea for a story of some sort. Most of the time, the story ideas I get usually stay in my head and don’t ever get out on paper, but since it was late and I had some time, I thought I ‘d write this one out. Now this is just a drabble*, not a short story or poem or anything. Though if I re-worded it a little, or added more to it I’m sure it could turn into one of those things. But for now it remands as it is. Just a short little tid-bit of an idea that came to my mind. Some may call it sappy or too romanic, but me, I think it’s perfect. Here it is, I hope you enjoy it.
 I look over at her. Her brown curls covering her pail face, rosy pink lips just peaking through her locks, while she is reading a book intently.  I’m so glad I found her, though somehow I can’t explain it in words.  She’s like cold coffee in the morning. Pale and meek, but still beautifully delicious. She is like a poem, raw and real and full of life. She’s like the color black, mysterious yet elegantly sophisticated. She’s like the the mind of a philosopher. Always showing me new ways to see and look at things.  She’s like a strawberry. Her lips so soft and silky and lovely to kiss. And to think, I’m the lucky one who found her, the one who gets to love her for all she is. I don’t have words to describe it. 
I think I’ll just sit here and soak it in.
* A drabble is a short piece of literary fiction that is usually anywhere from 100-300 words. A drabble is written off of a prompt; the prompt can be a word, phrase, picture, song, etc. 

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