Making: Memories 

Cooking: Mac & Cheese

Drinking: Black tea
Reading: Psalms (because they are my favorite)
Wanting: Wisdom
Wasting: Time and time again 
Wishing: I was 25
Enjoying: The shady trees and cool breeze
Waiting: For the right time to come
Liking: The sound of the guitar playing
Hoping: When people see me, they see Jesus
Loving: the fact that I get to hug my friend and see her smile
Marveling: How, if we just as a simple question, God can make so much known to us
Needing:  Quietness 
Smelling: My favorite candle that is almost burnt out 
Wearing: Black and white tank top, light blue cardigan, dark jeans, and my hair all crazy messy
Following: Jesus, because He’s the best thing to follow
Noticing: The way the sun comes through the cracks of the trees
Knowing: He loves me no matter how many times I mess up
Thinking: About way to many thing (as usual)
Bookmarking: Sincerely, Kinsey 
Looking: At my watch 

Feeling: Peaceful

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